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Altus- When adjacent to Aiden Altus may take a penalty to his AC up to his character level and add that number to Aiden's AC. As long as Darrel and Altus are within 10 feet of each other, if one of them is not flanked or flat footed, niether of them are.


Darrel- Darrel can use Altus' Constitution as Spell Energy. As long as Darrel and Altus are within 10 feet of each other, if one of them is not flanked or flat footed, niether of them are.


Aiden- Aiden gains a 10% miss chance against all attacks directed at him.


Fenrir-  Fenrir may hold an attack to interrupt an opponant's action. Fenrir may make his attack roll once an opponent has begun thier action, if he hits, the opponent gains a penalty to thier action equal to half the damage delt. If the action requires no roll, they must make a Fortitude save equal to 10+ damage dealt or lose the action.


Xein- Deals an extra 2D6 damage vs. Legates


Hrothgar- Hrothgar can Rebuke undead once per day as a Legate equal to his character level.


Berodin- When within reach of an Ally while they are being attacked, Berodin may make a Reflex save against a DC equal to the opponant's attack roll. Success allows him to switch places with the ally and resolve the attack against his own AC. Berodin must be aware of the attacker and not flat-footed.


Fedwin- Fedwin may make a Death Attack as a standard action if she is Grappling a Prone opponent. The DC for this attack is her Grapple check.


Sholano- Wild Card Feat. Sholano gains one feat that he meets the prerequisites for. This feat may be changed as a free action once per day.


Khaz- As a full round action Khaz may cast a spell and take a single attack.





Xein- +1 Frost Mithril Wogren Jaw Helm. +2 Mithril Susallian Chainweave w/thistledown mesh.  (DR 4/ Piercing)


Berodin- (Big fat fort save) Mithril concoction+ Herbal Salve grants +2 DR (sc ars darken and glitter in moonlight)


Woden- +1 Mithril gauntlet of Mighty Throwing.


Khaz- +1 Orc Bane Silveron edging//Mithril blunted Vardatch (elven-styled). 


Fenrir- +2 Mithril Harpoon haft.


Shalano- +1 Mithril sword cane of speed, +1 mithril capped cane of Disruption


Altus- Mithril Sunblade. (dagger to bastard sword)


Aiden-  Mithril Ring of Energy (stores up to 3 spell energy)


Freya- +1 Mithril Shield of Arrow Catching and Deflection


Fedwin: Mithril spiked gloves of wounding.



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