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New Paths 

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[url=http://darknessfalls.leaderdesslok.com/hp-giantblooded.htm]Giantblooded[/url] Revisit


1 Powerful Build

2 Hurl 

3 Growth Spurt

4 Intimidating Size

5 +1 Strength 

6 Long limbs

7 Clout

8 Intimidating Size +4

9 Large

10 Bowl Over

11 Great Heave

12 Powerful Build

13  Greater Clout

14 +1 Strength

15 Growth Spurt

16 Line Drive

17 Punt

18 Long limbs

19 Greater Heave

20 Huge



Powerful Build: The physical stature of the Giantblooded lets them function in many ways as if they were one size category larger. In any situation in which it is advantageous to do so, the Giantblooded is treated as one size category larger than their actual size. This includes being able to use larger size weapons, lifting heavier loads, special combat bonuses (such as gaining a grapple bonus for size or being harder to trip). This does not include any ability gained from actually being physically larger, such as natural reach or how many squares the character takes up. This ability is lost when the character actually gains an increased size from this path, and remains lost until it is gained again in later levels.


Hurl: The Giantblooded may throw objects of two size categories smaller than them a distance equal to 10 feet per Character level. This object may not exceed a weight equal to 1/4 of their light load. Hard objects, such as rocks, deal 1d6 points of damage per 25 pounds of weight if thrown at a creature or object. In the case of objects, damage is only dealt if the Hardness of the Hurled object is greater than the Hardness of the struck object. if a creature is hurled, they take damage as if they had fallen the distance they were thrown.


Growth Spurt: Each time this ability is gained the Giantblooded's natural facing doubles. This means that at 4th level, instead of taking up one five foot square, the character now takes up 2 adjacent spaces, meaning that they take up roughly the same amount of space as a horse. At 13th level, instead of taking up a 10' by 10' space, they now take up a 10' by 20' space, making them now roughly the size  of a two-horse carriage.


Intimidating Size: The Giantblooded gains a bonus on Intimidate Checks equal to 1/2 their character level.


Long Limbs: The Giantblooded has grown so much that they gain an increased natural reach. Their reach increases to that of a creature one size category larger than them. They are not reflexively used to their increased reach yet, which means that the character is only counted as having increased natural reach during their own turn. This means that they do not threaten additional spaces when it is not their action. In addition the Giantblooded gains a bonus to his speed equal to his natural facing (5 feet for a medium creature, 10 feet for a large creature, ect.)


Clout: When a Giantblooded strikes a creature 2 or more size catagories smaller than itself with a Bludgeoning attack they may initiate a Bull Rush as a free action. This Bull Rush may only move a creature a maximum of 5 feet, but may push that creature in any direction that does not move them closer to the Giantblooded.


Greater Clout: The Bull Rushed initiated by a Giant Blooded's Bludgeoning attacks are no longer limited to a 5 foot maximum. The Giant Blooded is treated as moving with a character for the purposes of resolving distance.


Bowl Over: Any creature hit by an object hurled by the Giantblooded must resist a special Trip Attempt. The Giantblooded's trip result is considered to be equal to the damage dealt by the Hurled object.


Great Heave: Anything the Giantblooded can lift over his head they can throw a distance equal to their Strength modifier x5 feet. If the Giantblooded chooses to throw such massive objects at creatures, they are subject to a Reflex save equal to the Giantblooded's attack roll. A successful save negates all damage.


Line Drive: When the Giantblooded knocks opponent's over with hurled objects, those objects can continue on to hit additional opponents behind them. If a creature is Tripped by a Giantblooded's Hurl ability, the object continues along a straight line path, up to it's maximum distance. If another creature is in the way, the Giantblooded is considered to have thrown the object at that creature as well using the same attack roll. The additional creatures gain a +2 AC bonus and a +2 bonus to resist being tripped for each creature that was hit by the attack before them. As soon as the thrown object hits a creature that is not tripped, the object stops.


Punt: Any creature two or more size categories smaller than the Giantblooded that is struck by a Giantblooded's natural attack must make a save against the damage dealt or be thrown a number of feet equal to the damage dealt. In addition, they must save as if they had taken Massive Damage.


Greater Heave: The throwing distance of the Great Heave ability is doubled.



[url=http://darknessfalls.leaderdesslok.com/hp-feyblooded.htm] Faeblooded[/url] Rework


1 Changeling Child

2 Trickery x1 per day

3 Low Light Vision

4 Unearthly Grace

5 +1 Dexterity or Charisma

6 Master of Tricks, 0th level

7 Aura Vision

8 Trickery x2 per day

9 Unearthly Grace

10 Greater Telltale

11 See Illusion

12 Master of Tricks, 1st level

13 Unearthly Grace

14 Trickery x3 per day

15 +1 Dexterity or Charisma 

16 True Sight

17 Fey Apotheosis 

18 Master of Tricks, 2nd level

19 Unearthly grace

20 True Fae


Changeling Child: You are not actually a member of your race. It's taken you many years to discover, and whatever you are is very good at passing for what others believe you to be, but it is not perfect. You possess a telltale. A marking or difference somewhere on your body that is startlingly different from other members of your kind. This may be something obvious, such as an unnatural eye or hair color, or it may be more subtle, such as an inclination for plants to subtly tug towards you as you pass or for water to get your clothes wet, but never your skin. Whatever the case, there is something decidedly unnatural about you. Living with your secret has made hiding it as natural as breathing. As such, you are always considered to be taking ten on bluff or disguise checks to hide your telltale. In addition to your normal racial bonuses, you gain a +2 Racial bonus on Bluff and Disguise checks, as well as one additional skill of your choice. These skills are always considered class skills for you.


Trickery: A number of times per day as indicated on the chart above the Faeblooded can cast a spell from the following list. In order to cast the spell, the faeblooded must be of a character level equal to or greater than twice the spell's level. List- 0th: Dancing Lights, Daze, Ghost Sound, 1st: Charm Person, Disguise Self, Faery Fire, Sleep, 2nd: Daze Monster, Glitterdust, Invisibility, Misdirection


Low Light Vision: You see the world in strange new ways. You gain Low Light vision at second level. If the character already possesses this ability, the character's vision in low light increases from double to triple the normal distance.


Unearthly Grace: You begin manifesting your powerful personality in protective ways on your person. Each time this ability is gained, choose either AC, Will saves, Reflex saves, Charisma checks (including skills), Dexterity checks (including skills), or Initiative. Upon choosing, that ability gains a +1 Inherent bonus. In addition, each other ability chosen when this ability was previously gained gains an additional +1 bonus. No ability from the above list may be chosen more than once. 


Master of Tricks: You have become become so used to manipulating the world around you that you become able to cast spells from your trickery spell list, of the listed level, at will.


Aura Vision: You begin seeing flickers of the true nature of things. Creatures gaining bonuses to disguise or bluff checks from supernatural or spell-like abilities  (such as the Lie spell, Alter Self or a Doppleganger's  Impersonation ability) do not gain those bonuses against you, and you are always considered to be taking 10 on Spot or Sense Motive checks to determine if something is not what it claims or appears to be. This ability can allow the Faeblooded to notice shapeshifters, creatures possessed by Spirits, undead attempting to pass as living, and nearly any other deception. This ability does not allow the Faeblooded to know the exact nature of a creature who is attempting to deceive them, only that something is unnaturally wrong.


Greater Telltale: You are changing and finding it more difficult to disguise your otherworldly heritage. Either you gain an additional, different telltale, or your existing telltale increases in severity. If you choose to gain an additional telltale, it cannot be one that can be hidden or disguised in the same manor of the original. This gives creatures near you a second spot check to notice your strange nature. If you choose to strengthen your existing Telltale, it must be to a degree that, if spotted, would be nearly impossible to explain. In addition, it becomes more difficult to hide. Unnatural hair color might brighten and stop taking dye. Strange eyes may begin glowing faintly. Skin that does not get wet might increase to include clothing and possessions. Plants might not only pull towards you, but also begin blooming or visibly growing in your presence. This gives anyone making the usual spot check to notice your otherworldliness a +10 bonus on the roll. 


See Illusion: You begin being able to see past illusion magics. You become immune to their effects, but still see them as faint, see-through images. This allows you to see both the illusion and what it is hiding or disguising.


True Sight: Your vision becomes truly supernatural. For one round per point of Charisma bonus you posses, you may act as though you were under the effects of a True Seeing spell. These rounds do not have to be sequential.


Fay Apotheosis: You have completed your transformation into something truly otherworldly. Your type changes to Fay (making you immune to most effects that target humanoids.) You are no longer effected by any any Compulsion effect or ability that would change your form (unless you allow it). In addition, you are unaffected by spells or abilities designed to determine your true nature. You may lie freely in a Zone of Truth. To alignment detecting spells, or other divinations you appear as whatever it would be most beneficial to you to appear as. You cease visibly aging, become immune to diseases and poisons and will not die of old age or natural causes. Upon gaining this ability all your telltales increase in severity. Creatures gain an additional +10 bonus to any roll made to notice them. At this point your telltale is nearly impossible to hide by any normal means. 


True Fae: You have become a creature of raw, ancient power and magic, far beyond the understanding of mortals. Your telltale is noticed by all who see you and increases to an overwhelming capacity. The effect is awe inspiring. You are always considered to be taking 20 in intimidate or diplomacy checks to make others respond more favorably to you. In addition, you gain DR all/cold iron or magic. You become immune to any ability that attempts to track, find, change, control, imprison or uncover any information about you. Creatures rapidly forget details about you when you are not immediately present, but remember when you return. Records and memories of your deeds fade or change. even your passing inspires myth and legend.




Refocusing the Charismatic


For the Charismatic I decided to split the path into two. The first is the Leader type. The second is actually the Charismatic type.




1 Aura of Command x1

2 Inspire Courage

3 Recruit

4 Order 1x per battle

5 +1 Charisma

6 Natural Leader

7 Aura of Command x2

8 Flagbearer

9 Rouse the Troops

10 Coordination

11 Order 2x per battle

12 Extra Cohort

13 Aura of Command x3

14 Great Leader

15 +1 Charisma

16 Standard of Battle

17 Order 3x per battle

18 Extra Cohort

19 To Hell and Back

20 Legendary Leader


Aura of Command: (su) You lead as naturally as most people breathe. Your command inspires and aids those who fight with you. All allies within a radius equal to 5' per two character levels gain a Morale bonus equal to 1/4 your character level (rounded down) to one of the following: Armor Class, Initiative, Attacks, Damage, Reflex Saves, Will Saves, Fortitude Saves, Spot and Listen checks, Hide and Move Silently checks, Craft checks related to building fortifications, siege weapons or equipment. This ability is a Swift action to maintain and represents you giving constant support and direction to your allies. It's effects cease if you are Flat-Footed, Paralyzed, Silenced, Blinded or if your allies lose sight of you.


Inspire Courage: (su) You are a symbol to those who fight or travel with you.  Allies within a radius equal to 5' per character level gain a Morale bonus to saves vs. Fear equal to your Charisma modifier. This ability is not dependant on your orders or directions, but is dependant on you being able to take part in the fight. It is continuous, but ceases if you are ever incapacitated, defeated or rendered helpless.


Recruit: (su) Wherever you go idealistic, able young people seem to flock to you. You gain a Cohort as if you had the Leadership feat. If your Cohort becomes too injured to fight or travel another will join you soon. You aren't sure why it happens this way, but it always seems to. Once you gain the leadership feat recruits will join and reinforce fallen soldiers at a rate of one soldier per point of your charisma modifier, per week. 


Order: (ex) As a free action a number of times per battle as listed you may either grant an ally a move-equivilant action, or a single attack, as an Immediate action. This abilities can only target allies within your Aura of Command. Allies that are flat footed cannot be targeted by this ability.


Natural Leader: You gain the Leadership feat.


Flagbearer: (ex) You may craft a banner that your allies recognize as a symbol of your leadership. The Flagbearer and all allies within a radius of them equal to 5' per 4 character levels (rounded down) are treated as if they were within range of your Aura of Command.


Rouse the Troops: (ex) By taking the time to give a speech before a battle you are able to ensure that your army fights with more prowess and zeal. This ability takes at least one minute and grants all allies who hear it the benefits of an Aid spell. For the purposes of Duration, this spell is treated as if it were cast on the first round of combat and uses your character level as the caster level.


Coordination: (ex) Once per battle as a standard action you may issue a command to all allies within the range of your Aura of Command. This grants all of them an immediate attack action, or grants all of them an immediate move-equivilant action. Allies that are flat-footed cannot gain the benefit of this ability.


Extra Cohort: Each time this ability is gained you gain the services of an additional cohort, as per the Leadership feat.


Great Leader: Your number of followers of each level, as per the leadership feat, is doubled.


Standard of Battle: (ex) You may carry a standard that your troops recognize as a symbol of your command. This is normally a flag, but does not have to be. When you are carrying this standard all allies that can see it are treated as if they were within your Aura of Command.


To Hell and Back: (su) All allies within the range of your Aura of command become immune to Fear effects and Compulsions.


Legendary Leader: Your number of followers per level, as per the leadership feat, is multiplied by 10.





1 Stunning

2 Distracting x1, -2 maximum

3 Muse x1 per day

4 +1 Charisma

5 Charming

6 Heartbreaker

7 Distracting x2, -4 maximum

8 +1 Charisma

9 Muse x2 per day

10 Eternally Charming

11 Ladykiller (Maneater)

12 +1 Charisma

13 Distracting x3, -6 maximum

14 School of Charm

15 Muse x3 per day

16 +1 Charisma

17 The Eye of the Beholder

18 Distracting x4, -8 maximum

19 Charm Anything

20 Perfection Made Flesh



Stunning: (ex) You are incredibly beautiful. People tend to forget what they are doing or what they are saying around you, and you've figured out how to encourage it. As a standard action you may cause a humanoid creature that you can communicate with to make a Will save against a DC equal to 10+1/2 your character level+your charisma modifier. Failing this save means the creature is effectively Dazed for one round. This can cause performers to stumble in their acts, riders to fall of their horses, people to walk into walls or other people, or other such embarrassing situations. It can be used at will, but using it against the same target more than once per day gives them a cumulative +2 bonus against the effect. 


Distracting: You can make it hard for others to concentrate. You may designate a number of creatures up to the number listed. As long as you are within sight, those creatures receive a penalty to Armor Class, Reflex saves and skill checks equal to your Charisma modifier, up to a maximum penalty as listed.


Muse: A number of times per day as indicated, you may grant a competence bonus to one skill check equal to 1/2 your character level. This requires no actual action on your part, only that you be present during the ammount of time that it takes to complete the action the check is made for. For Craft checks this may take hours, for a Perform check, only minutes, for a Tumble or Jump check it may only take seconds.


Charming: (su) You make a great first impression. Any person that speaks with you for more than a minute must make a Will save or fall under the effects of a Charm Person spell. This only effects creatures normally able to be targeted by that spell. This is not necessarily a conscious action on your part, and may occur whether you want it to or not. Spellcraft does not identify this effect as it happens, nor does Detect magic detect it being cast, though once it is cast it's Aura can be seen.  A sense motive check made against a DC equal to 10+1/2 the charismatic's character level+ their charisma modifier, or their Bluff check (whichever is higher) can be used to determine the nature of the effect.


Heartbreaker: You are always considered to be taking 10 on Diplomacy checks against any creature with a capacity for attraction towards you


Eternally Charming: By paying careful attention to a creature effected by your Charming ability, you may treat it's duration as permeant. To use this ability you must maintain contact with the creature in some way (even letters or Sending can be used) at least once a month. This ability can only be used against one creature at a time. 


Ladykiller (Maneater): (ex) Creatures who are affected by your charm and beauty have a hard time convincing themselves to hurt you. Any creature with the capacity to be attracter to you who tries to cause you harm must make a Will save against a DC 10+1/2 your character level+your charisma modifier or be unable to do so. Aside from the DC, this ability functions in all ways as a Sanctuary spell.


School of Charm: You may instruct others on social grace. By taking at least an hour you may instruct an individual on how to behave in a social encounter to obtain a stated desired effect. For 24 hours they may substitute your ranks in Charisma based skills for their own during any encounter in which they are pursuing the previously agreed on desired effect.


The Eye of the Beholder: (su) Your beauty has become supernaturally powerful. Creatures begin seeing you more and more as their physical ideal, even if that physical ideal is different than your actual appearance. The differences will never drastically change your appearance, but things like hight, weight, shade of skin or hair, eye color, or even basic racial characteristics may shift slightly in the minds of others. Dwarves may see you as shorter and thicker. Orcs may see you as taller and more muscular. This ability allows you to avoid any and all penalties to Charisma related roles for being of a different species or culture than another creature. This ability can cause some confusion if different creatures ever compare notes about your appearance.


Charm Anything: Your Charming ability may be used on any creature you can communicate with. 


Perfection Made Flesh: (su) Your beauty has become the stuff of legends. Creatures who see you must make Will saves every round (DC 10+1/2 your character level+your charisma modifier) to do anything except stare at you in awe. This is a Mind Effecting ability. 






1 Instability, Wild Caster

2 Eyes of Chaos

3 Metamagic Aura: (enlarge or shape)

4 Bonus Raw Energy +2

5 Wild Drain 1x per day

6 Metamagic Aura: (extend or empower)

7 Spell Roulette

8 Bonus Raw Energy +2

9 Metamagic Aura: (energy substitution or explosive)

10 Overchannel

11 Wild Drain 2x per day

12 Metamagic Aura: (sculpt or widen)

13 Bonus Raw Energy +2

14 Spell Transfer

15 Metamagic Aura: (maximize or heighten)

16 Duplicate Spell

17 Wild Drain 3x per day

18 Metamagic Aura: (twin or chain)

19 Transfer Enchantment

20 Spell Vortex




Instability: (su) Magic does strange things around you. As such, you may not take the Spellcasting or Magecraft feats. You do have a natural spell pool equal to your character level plus your Charisma modifier (plus any additional spell energy granted from other sources such as feats or being of a certain race.), but it does not regenerate in the usual way. You regain spell energy by syphoning off magical energies around you. Whenever a spell is cast within a radius of you equal to 5 feet per character level, you may choose to increase it's cost by an amount up to 1/4 your caster level (rounded down). The caster of the spell loses spell energy equal to that number and you gain it. In addition, as a touch attack you may drain Spell Energy out of magical auras. If a spell is in effect on a creature or object, you may make a touch attack to syphon off some of it's power. If the touch attack is successful, the spell effect loses duration equal to the amount of spell energy that can be drained with this power. If the duration of the spell is measured in rounds, the amount of duration lost is measured in rounds, if the duration is measured in minutes, the amount of duration lost is measured in minutes, ect. You gain an amount of spell energy is gained equal to the duration drained. You automatically and uncontrollably use this ability on any spell cast on yourself as a free action every round. This ability does not work on permanent magical effects.

You are treated as a Channeler for the purposes of abilities which drain magical energy, such as Black Mirrors and Astiraxes draining attacks. You may not attune yourself to nexuses, but you can steal spell energy from them with this ability on a 1 for 1 basis.


Wild Caster: (su) You have a limited number of spells you are able to draw on, but you never know which ones you will have available to you from one moment to the next. Choose four 0th and two 1st level channeler spells. At the beginning of any encounter or scene, roll randomly to determine which spell of a given level you have available at the moment. Do this once for each level of the spells you have available to you. The results of these rolls will give you the list of spells you are able to cast using your spell energy during the encounter or scene.

As you rise in level and gain the ability to cast higher level spells your randomized spell list will increase. Every time your character level increases add two spells to your randomized list of any level up to the maximum level of spell you can cast as determined by your character level.

Your effective caster level for determining which spells you are able to cast is equal to 1/2 your character level. Spells you cast are Charisma based. You may not use your Instability power to syphon magic off of spells you cast. 


Eyes of Chaos: (su) You have learned to see the swirling auras and colors that surround all things. You are considered to have a continuous Detect Magic cast on yourself. If this ability is ever dispelled or suppressed if automatically comes back 1d4 rounds after what ever effect that was suppressing it ends. Upon gaining this ability your eyes tend to change colors to reflect the color of whatever the most prominent magical effect in the area is. If there are no magical effects, than your eye color tends to stabilize. 


Metamagic Aura: (su) You may effect spells cast around you in a radius equal to 10' x 1/2 your character level. As you increase in level you gain Metamagic feats that you can add as an Immediate action to spells being cast around you (but not to spells you cast yourself). You pay the cost of the Metamagic feat's level increase out of your own spell energy. if you choose to, and have enough spell energy, you may add multiple metamagic effects to a spell, but can never add the same one more than once. You may only effect spells that are equal to or less than 1/2 your character level. Every time this ability is gained you may choose one of the listed metamagic feats, or any of the feats which came before it in earlier levels. This ability cannot be used on spells that do not require spell energy to cast as they are being cast, but if those spells leave a magical aura (such as a Cat's Grace cast by a Legate or a Detect Magic cast with Innate Magic) the magic aura can be effected normally.


Bonus Raw Energy: (ex) Every time this ability is gained your maximum amount of Spell Energy increases by the listed amount.


Wild Drain: (su) A number of times per day as listed, you may attempt to steal additional energy from a spell being cast. This ability is activated when using your Instability power to effect spells being cast. When using this ability roll 1d8-2. This is the amount of spell energy drained by the power. If the results are negative the spell being cast is actually bolstered, raising the spell's effective caster level by that amount.


Spell Roulette: (su) Once per day as an immediate action while a spell is being cast within range of your metamagic aura you may cause the target of the spell to be chosen randomly from the creatures within range of your metamagic aura (including yourself). This ability only works on spells which require targets, but can be used on spells with a range of Touch even if the caster is not touching the new target.


Overchannel: (su) You can temporarily hold more spell energy than normal. Any time you absorb spell energy greater than your maximum, you may pay a number of Hit Points equal to the excess to be able to hold it for a number of rounds equal to your Charisma modifier. It can then be spent as normal. If the additional energy is not spent by the time the duration is up, this ability can simply be used again, or the energy dissipates.


Spell Transfer: (su) As a touch attack you may attempt to transfer a magical aura from yourself to another creature, or from another creature to yourself. If the touch attack is successful, make a caster level check against the magical effect you are trying to transfer. If successful you transfer the effect. This ability is subject to spell resistance.


Duplicate Spell: You may copy spells or spell-like abilities that have been cast near you. Any spell that is cast within your metamagic aura (including spells you cast using this ability) can be copied by you the next round. You must spend spell energy equal to the spell's level (including any adjustments for metamagic or other effects) but does not require that you have any material components or focuses.


Transfer Enchantment: You can remove enchantments from one object and place them on another. By spending an amount of spell energy equal to the combined levels of the spells used in the creation of a magic item you may transfer the effects of the enchantment to another vessel. 


Spell Vortex: You can choose to become the target of any spell cast within the range of your Metamagic Aura. In addition, by spending an amount of spell energy equal to the level of a spell effect which targets you, you may choose anything that is within your Metamagic Aura (which could normally be the target of the spell) to be the spell's new target. These abilities can be used in conjunction.



Jack of all Trades


1 Natural Grasp

2 Bonus feat

3 Skill Boost

4 Ability Boost

5 Save Boost

6 Make It Work

7 Bonus Feat

8 Ability Boost

9 Save Boost

10 Epiphany 

11 Skill Boost

12 Ability Boost

13 Work Smarter

14 Bonus Feat

15 Save boost

16 Work Faster

17 Skill Boost

18 Ability Boost

19 Mind Over Matter

20 Master of all Trades


Natural Grasp: Everything comes natural to you. All skills are class skills to you.


Skill Boost: You gain a +4 competence bonus to a skill of your choice each time this ability is gained. you may not choose the same skill more than once.


Ability Boost: You gain a +1 inherent bonus to an attribute of your choice each time this ability is gained. You may not choose the same ability more than once.


Save Boost: You gain a +1 competence bonus to one saving throw of your choice each time this ability is gained. You may not choose the same saving throw more than once.


Make It Work: You can work very well under the worst of conditions. You may take a -5 penalty on a dexterity, intelligence or wisdom based skill check to use that skill under conditions that normally render it impossible. This includes things such as Crafting without appropriate tools, making Spot checks while blinded or opening a lock without picks. For things that are obviously physically impossible, such as making a spot check while blinded, this ability does not function.


Bonus Feat: You gain a bonus feat. You must qualify for this feat as normal.


Epiphany: You have a knack for figuring things out when you need to. You gain a feat that can be switched once per day as a free action. You must qualify for this feat normally. This feat does not qualify as a prerequisite feat for the purposes of gaining other feats, abilities or prestige classes. The Magecraft and Spellcasting feats cannot be gained with this ability, nor can any feat which grants a supernatural or physical ability (such as Touched By Magic or Thick Skull). 


Work Smarter: By taking twice the normal amount of time on a skill check you may add your Intelligence modifier to that skill check in addition to the regular modifiers. In the case of Intelligence based skills, this means that your intelligence modifier is added twice.


Work Faster: You've gotten so good at doing things under less than ideal conditions that when you have everything you need you can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to do things. When you make a skill check, for every 5 points you beat the DC by, reduce the amount of time that check takes by the chart below-


DC+5 = 3/4 the usual time

DC+10 = 1/2 the usual time

DC+15 = 1/4 the usual time

DC+20 = 1/6 the usual time

DC+25 = 1/8th the usual time

DC+30 or more = 1/10 the usual time.


For the purposes of skills that take one round, a result of 3/4 indicates a Partial action. 1/2 indicates a Move-Equiviliant action and 1/8 or more indicates a Free action. You cannot apply this ability to skill checks that you have already applied the Work Smarter ability to.


Mind Over Matter: You have figured out how things work at thier most basic levels. You may use your Intelligence or Wisdom in place of any other attribute for any d20 roll.


Master of All Trades: When you make a skill check you are assumed to have rolled a 20.



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