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The Book- Writes back if written in. The words only appear to Ethan, and never stay after the book is closed. Teaches many things. Offers power, but tries to convince Ethan that everything he sees is a dream created by a horrible curse.


The Helm- Gradually attunes to the wearer and allows them to see the spirits of the dead. The spirit of Thane Devorold Kurgan is bound to the Helm, and he will occasionally try to take over the body. His strength in hampered by the fact that the body in not his, but the more he does it, the more of his former strength shines through. Devorold is a Fighter/Charismatic Channeler/Warrior Arcanist specializing in Divination and Enchantment.


The Sword- A bastard sword of Dornish design, straight for most of it's length, then curving at the tip. Half-edged along the back side with Sarcosan script along the length of the blade. The grip has a slight recurve to it, and the braided leather wrap is wrapped wrong. Beneath are two pieces of cloth, both with writing on them. The first one describes why the sword must remain hidden and why the braid was wrapped wrong, the second is a valuable secret and instructs the new bearer to construct a new handle for the sword, transcribe the cloth and seal them beneath it for the next heir to the sword.


The Rings

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