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Aiden: You read the world like a book, young one. Be careful you do not skip to far ahead. Just because you know what may happen, does not mean you understand why. Trust your brother, for he will be the light that guides you out of the hands of your bedeviled angel. You are the hunter's prey.


Darrel: The sky watches you. Your mentor once dwelt there, but now the way home is lost. You will find the river of stones. You will open the glass casket. You will bear the blade and banner. The shadow seeks to overtake you. Stay one step ahead, or your capture will be the true beginning of the end.


Sholano: Cousin, the river lies within you. It shifts and slides, but it's destination is never uncertain. Even now, it flows with tears at the fate of your family. Do not let your sorrow be the final stone in the dam. Your true current is the only thing which will carry your companions to safety.


Fenrir: Yours is a history wrought with shame. On one side lies an unmatched nobility. On the other, the deepest darkness of all.

Your people are not your only people. Your father does not know his.

The blade is lost, but not yet broken, and the light is weak, but not yet extinguished. The flock is scattered and starved, but should you find the lantern and choose not to be the wolf, when the time comes, you may become the shepherd we all need.


Hrothgar: Prince of destruction, death rests heavy on your brow, and everything you touch seeks to shatter. The spirits surround you like a screaming storm, drawing ever stronger. If the madness does not take you, it will guide you to the horn of the prophet king, and lead our people along the darkest road. Yours will be the voice that destroys all our homes. You already hold the key to our end.


Xein: Child of blood and snow and grass and fang, your soul is split and scattered. Your body bears the scars of a hundred deaths, but if you find the lost pieces, it shall never truly take you.

You shall become blind to his eyes and storm that screams beneath the skin of the world will never touch you.

The father of your pain has sent his hunters, but they shall only serve to drive you towards your destiny.


Berodin: Son of the betrayed Maiden and the Red Guard, your mother has been lost to shadow and mist, but the truth of her blood still lives in you. Though death now dwells in her, it has not yet taken her. In you two strong armies join. Together the may yet retake the castle. When you find your name, you will find your home.


Group: This is strange. It says only that there will be another to aid in the bearing of the message. There will be light in his darkness, and reason in his rage. Without him all is doomed.


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